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we guested some comic: Oh Joy, Sex Toy


Helloooooooo new readers! Make yourself comfortable, pull up a chair. Kick off your shoes. Take off your clothes. I said get comfortable, right? ;)

Many of you are coming here from the fantastic sex-toy-and-other-sex-stuff review site, Oh Joy, Sex Toy. Erika and Matthew are both total peaches who post the best comics every Tuesday and we were beyond excited when she asked us to do a guest strip. Now, trust me — I have A LOT of toys I could review, heh — but the DIY kinkster aesthetic is where I come from, and is the basis for many treasured memories and some original goodies that still live in the toy bag (remember those reversible clothespins? Ouch!).

If you’re a Fetlife member, the BDSM Toys Craft Corner group has a ton of eager kinksters sharing info, how-to’s and finished objects.  The Submissive Guide has a great list of tutorials as well. There’s even instructions on how to make your own bondage furniture and rigging structures, although we really, REALLY do not recommend making anything that handles dynamic weight unless you are already experienced with suspension bondage.

There’s tons more stuff you can just grab and enjoy that we didn’t cover. What about pinchy claws or clamps for your tender bits? Or a big swath of netting for some catch-and-release fun? The toys from the comic were all available at several hardware stores we went to, but you may find a slightly different (but no less enjoyable!) variety at your local store. You can expand your pervertable repertoire to include culinary supply and army surplus stores, too! And, of course, Lowe’s and Home Depot both deliver.

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Welcome to the new website! This is the little news section where we’ll post non-comic updates. And DANG, have we got news for you…

First of all, look! We have a domain name! It’s a real website! This is not only ~professional~ looking, but it helps keep us on track. TIYLI will update twice a month, every other Friday. Our blog will update more often with silly drawings, Q&A and whatever else we need to barf up on the internet.

Second, TIYLI will morph and change a bit. The way this site looks right now will change as we get ads, finish printing stickers and offer original comic art. That’s right, momma needs to make some money! This comic costs you nothing to read, but costs us lots of time and sweat (and money now that we’re hosted off tumblr). If you’ve enjoyed the comic thus far and want to see it update more often, please consider the shiny “donate!” button in the column to the right.